Friday, November 6, 2009

The Rainbow Connection: Working with Color

Primary Colors: Colors at their basic essence; those colors that cannot be created by mixing others.




Secondary Colors: Those colors achieved by a mixture of two primaries.



Monochromatic means one color. This scheme is easiest to understand and the simplest to work with. It consists of one color and its different values.





The analogous color scheme is similar in feeling to the monochromatic where you choose a color and the two colors adjacent to it on either side. Stay within similar values on either end of the color you have selected.






A complementary scheme uses two colors directly across from each other on the color wheel, such as, green and red. This scheme creates a contrast that can be vibrant and exciting or soothing and relaxing depending on what value of the colors you use. With this scheme it works best to allow one color to be the dominant so that the colors don’t compete with each other. 


Split Complement:

These are colors one step either way of the complement’s own analogous colors. It’s strength is in the low-contrast beauty of analogous colors, plus the added accent of an opposite color.



Check these video for a creative expression of color...

Color In Motion
Kuler: Color Scheme Creation
Color Calculator
Color Scheme Designer

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