Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fashionable Adjectives

Sometimes designers must communicate their ideas through words first, so it's important to be familiar with a full range of possibilities.  Fluffy, dense, shimmery, light, heavy, course, or flowy- the words yous select should be an accurate representation of what you imagine.  Listed below are a few suggestions to get you started...

  • Aesthetic (also esthetic or esthetic) – [circa 1815-25] cosmetically appealing
  • Bedizen – [circa 1655-65] gaudy or showy adornment or dress
  • Blousy – loose, frilly manner of (shirt) dressing
  • Braw – [circa 1555-65] (Scot & North England) (pronounced "brah") excellent, fine-looking, dressed in a fine or gaudy manner
  • Diaphanous – light filmy material, often sheer
  • Delicate, Elegant, Fine, Finespun, Gauzy, Gossamer, Insubstantial
  • Esthetic (also esthetic or aesthetic) – [circa 1815-25] cosmetically appealing
  • Jaunty – [circa 1655-65] easy and spritely (springy) manner; smartly trimmed, as in clothing
  • Habiliment – [circa 1375-1425] clothes or clothing worn in a particular profession; accouterments, trappings (i.e. wizard's garb, a nun's habit, a monk's or clerical attire, a baker's outfit with toque (chef's hat))
  • Full
  • Matte – a flat, non-shiny finish
  • Opaque – solid, non-transparent
  • Ornamented (ornamentation) – adorned, decorated
  • Puffy (sometimes colloquially "poofy") – full, stuffed or filled as to provide voluminous shape or appear greater than reality
  • Refined
  • Regalia
  • Ribboned – to decorate with ribbons; to wind around as a meandering path
  • Semi-sheer – translucent fabric
  • Sheer – transparent fabric
  • Snug – form-fitting
  • Stout – stiff
  • Stuffed – full, puffy
  • Turgid – [circa 1660-70] swollen, distended (as of the stomach filled with gas); tumid; inflated, overblown, pompous, bombastic; excessively ornate, grandiloquent, ostentatiously lofty in style
  • Unsavory – [circa 1175-1225] tasteless, insipid, unpleasant in taste or smell; unappealing, disagreeable; socially or morally objectionable or offensive
  • Veneer – [circa 1695-1705] superficially valuable or pleasing; to conceal something of lesser or common quality with a deceptively outward show
  • Vitiate – [circa 1525-35] make faulty, spoil, impair the quality of, reduce the value of
  • Voluminous – of great size, amply full, large in volume or bulk, having many coils (winding)

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